finish [n1] conclusion; completion accomplishment, achievement, acquirement, acquisition, annihilation, attainment, cease, cessation, close, closing, culmination, curtain*, curtains*, death, defeat, denouement, desistance, end, ending, end of the line*, end of the road*, finale, finis, last, last stage, ruin, stop, termination, terminus, winding-up*, wind-up, wrap, wrap-up*; concepts 119,832 —Ant. beginning, commencement, initiation, introduction, start finish [n2] coating; perfecting appearance, beauty, burnish, cultivation, culture, elaboration, glaze, grace, grain, lacquer, luster, patina, perfection, polish, refinement, shine, smoothness, surface, texture, veneer; concepts 611,655 finish [v1] bring to a conclusion; get done accomplish, achieve, bag it*, break up, bring to a close, carry through, cease, clinch, close, complete, conclude, crown*, culminate, deal with, determine, discharge, do, effect, end, execute, finalize, fold, fulfill, get out of the way*, halt, hang it up*, have done with*, make, make short work of*, mop up*, perfect, put finishing touches on*, round off*, round up*, scratch, scrub, settle, sew up*, shut down, shutter*, stop, terminate, top off*, ultimate, wind up*, wrap, wrap up*; concepts 91,234 —Ant. begin, commence, initiate, introduce, start  finish [v2] consume, use up deplete, devour, dispatch, dispose of, drain, drink, eat, empty, exhaust, expend, go, run through*, spend, use, wash up*; concepts 169,225 —Ant. keep, maintain, save, store finish [v3] defeat; kill annihilate, assassinate, best*, bring down*, carry off*, destroy, dispatch, dispose of, do in*, down, execute, exterminate, get rid of*, liquidate, overcome, overpower, put an end to, put away*, rout, rub out*, ruin, slaughter, slay, take off*, take out*, vaporize, worst*; concepts 95,252 —Ant. bear, create finish [v4] put a coating on; perfect coat, develop, elaborate, face, gild, lacquer, polish, refine, smooth, stain, texture, veneer, wax; concepts 172,202

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